Edmonton Subdivision and Development Appeal Board,

I am writing to support development permit 265793500-001 / SDAB-D-18-115 - to change the Use from General Retail Stores to a Restaurant (50 Seats, 36.2m2 Public Space) and construct interior alterations (Fleisch Delikatessen) on Plan 1522508 Blk 51 Lot 29, located at 10610 - 82 STREET NW. 

I am aware that this development permit was refused because the city believes the area has inadequate parking to support a cafe/deli.

As parking will be needed no matter what type of business goes in there, it’s seems unfair that this cafe/deli has been refused. We are concerned about the type of establishment that may go in that space (Ie. Cannabis Store) and want to see the rejuvenation of this mature neighbourhood continue not go backwards.

I ardently support the project for many reasons and here are a few for your consideration:

- This project being proposed fits with the neighbourhood as we see it evolving.  It is a real compliment to the mixed-use, diverse character of Forest Heights.

The cafe is located on a major transit route in one of the most bike able areas in the city. Car parking should not be an issue.

The same people who are trying to obtain this permit also own and operate the adjacent business in the same building (Cartago) It is a well run establishment that provides a welcome option for dining out in the community of Forest Heights. We would like to see them execute more options for the community. 

It can’t be overstated that Forest Heights desperately needs more amenities. This development makes sense here with the natural access to the river valley, transit and walkability. Thank you for including our support in your considerations and anticipate your agreement that this is going to be a positive addition to our neighbourhood. 

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